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The Hermitage Woodland Walk, Dunkeld

About The Hermitage The path at The Hermitage (near Dunkeld) leads you through stunning Perthshire woodland alongside the River Braan. After a short walk you approach the very pretty Ossian’s Hall. You can enter the hall and overlook the amazing Black Linn Falls of the River Braan, or you can continue along the path and… Read More The Hermitage Woodland Walk, Dunkeld

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Summer on Syke

It’s been quite a long time since I visited Syke. It’s always so beautiful in summer, with the heather and lush green landscape. However summer also brings two things I’m not so fond of: midges, and huge crowds of tourists. There’s been quite a lot of talk about how the crowds are affecting Skye. I’m… Read More Summer on Syke

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Cooler Days

A friend once told me that when robins stare at you, they’re not watching you out of interest, more sizing you up to see if they could beat you in a territorial fight. That’s pretty badass. I’m not sure if it’s true, but I like to think these cute little critters are actually _very_ kickass… Read More Cooler Days

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The Scottish Wildcat

Did you know there are estimated to be only 300 wildcats left in the wild in Scotland? Thankfully, conservation groups and animal welfare charities are helping this beautiful endangered species. Earlier this year, some adorable wildcat kittens were born at the RZSS Highland Wildlife Park. They’ve had an amazing year for newborns, having welcomed Hamish… Read More The Scottish Wildcat

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A Fox In Autumn

I love photographing animals. I generally photograph a mix of wildlife, pets/farm animals and those at refuges and wildlife centres. This lovely little fox is at the Scottish Deer Centre in Fife. I have a kinda ruleset for where I’ll visit to see animals: if the organisation does good work, I’ll support them – usually… Read More A Fox In Autumn