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The Calm Before The Storm

The Calm Before The Storm
The Calm Before The Storm

This small jetty leads out over Lake Te Anau in New Zealand. I found this earlier in the day while doing some wildlife photography and made plans to return for the sunset. The sun sets rather late here (around 9:30pm) and we had rain forecast for 10pm so I was a little wary of heading out. This being NZ, the weather forecast always subject to sudden change! It was freezing cold by 8pm so I wrapped up warm in my wooly hat and waterproofs and walked a few km to the jetty. A little bit of setup and some test shots later, I was ready for the sunset…

We never really got a full sunset that night as these intense storm clouds started to roll in from all directions over the mountains. Despite the cold and rain, I resisted the urge to pack up my gear and crouched in the rain to capture the best shot I could. My endurance was rewarded when for the briefest of moments, the clouds parted and this golden glow shone through the mountains…

As I started to pack up my things, the rain got heavier and I luckily made it back to the hostel without getting too soaked. I was frozen though and needed a nice hot cup of tea to warm me up!

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