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New Year Sunrise at Bow Fiddle Rock

New Year Sunrise at Bow Fiddle Rock

Happy new year from the beautiful Scottish Highlands!

Here’s my latest image taken with my new Sony A7ii camera. If you’ve been following my recent series covering my switch from a Canon DSLR to Sony mirrorless system, you’ll know I’m completely in love with this new camera. If you missed them, do take a look:

The image above was taken bright and early this morning in the village of Portnockie, Scotland. For this image, I used my trusty Sony A7ii and Zeiss 16-35mm lens. Again, the camera was AWESOME and only required one single exposure to capture all the shadows and highlights. That still blows my mind!

What you can’t see in this picture is that I stood in the sea to get this shot. I used my Manfrotto Compact Action tripod to keep my camera steady and it did a great job. Ideally you’d need a heavier tripod to balance out the force of the waves, but I managed to get a sharp shot regardless (thanks Sony!). The reason I use the Compact Action tripod instead of a big heavy one is that it’s super portable and light. I’m always on the move, so having lightweight and compact gear is important to me. This tripod has been with me all around the world and it’s still going strong.

In order to get the water all soft and dreamy, I used my Hoya Pro ND 16 Filter. This filter provides 4 stops of light loss meaning you can take a longer exposure than normal. This is only my second attempt playing with it and I love what it’s done to the water, particularly at the front near the pebbles.

If you’d like to see the image in a higher quality, you can do so over on my portfolio.



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