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The Cabin Of Loch Oire

The Cabin Of Loch Oire

Loch Oire is a small loch just east of Elgin in Scotland. I’ve driven past the signs for it a few times in the past week, so today, I decided to take the turn and see what I’d find.

A few hundred metres from the busy main road and this is what I found!

Isn’t it wonderful?! I love how Scotland has these little hidden gems you could go right past without noticing. It’s a good reminder to sometimes wander off from your route and allow yourself to get a bit lost – you might just find the perfect photo spot!

This was taken with the Sony A7ii and the 70-200mm f4. I used my Manfrotto tripod to keep it steady.

As always, the version you see here is a compressed & watermarked version. If you’d like to see a higher quality version or perhaps buy a print, just click the image or follow this link.

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