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If you’ve followed my work for a while you’ll know I have a thing for lone trees. I also love deer and birds. There’s something so majestic about these subjects that I’m constantly drawn to them and they focus often in my work.

I decided to create a piece to perhaps give you an idea of what it’s like for me when I’m out shooting landscapes to use in composite images.

This image is built from two main photographs – the scene (tree/foreground/sky) and a separate deer shot. I merged these in Photoshop and wanted to edit it in a way to make it feel somewhat surreal and day-dreamy.

When I go out shooting scenes like this, I’m always wondering “what would this look like with a deer/bird/wolf in it?” and try to frame it as such that I can add those elements to the story later in post-production. For me, deer are very much my imaginary friends. I’m never alone when I go on hikes as my brain is constantly picturing them stood next to trees, or birds flocking over a scene, or perhaps a wolf scrambling over a ruin.

My imaginary animal friends are a big part of my creativity and I hope you enjoy this glimpse into what my photography process is like.

For more works like this, please check out my portfolio.

Cat Burton Photography - My Imaginary Friend
My Imaginary Friend

Published by Cat Burton

Cat Burton is a self-taught photographer and artist based in Perthshire, Scotland. Her fine art photography is atmospheric and enchanting, inspired by nature, fantasy, folklore and videogames. Cat's work is exhibited at various events throughout Scotland and she offers photography workshops and online mentoring to clients worldwide. If you'd like to know more, simply get in touch via the Contact page.

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