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Living Magazine Editorial

Cat Burton's Blog - Editorial in LIVING Magazine

It was an absolute pleasure to meet with Elaine Hunter for this editorial in LIVING Magazine. She captured my personality and style perfectly.

My favourite quotes from the article are below, and you can read the full editorial in the images that follow.


“Cat Burton’s artworks are the essence of atmosphere and ethereal beauty.”


“Her images are haunting and moody … she manages to bring Scottish landscapes to life – imbuing them with a sense of serenity and calm.”


“Her images have hints of Game Of Thrones and Lord Of The Rings – a genre of another age and time.”


“She blends images – taking different shots at different times, then marrying them together to create her own bewitching, unique art.”


“A dark-haired Laura Dern with the edge of a goth and the spirit of Alfred Hitchcock.”


“That is the essence of this talented young woman – taking risks and all the while letting us see the world from a slightly different angle.”


Living Magazine – Autumn 2017 – Page 1
Living Magazine - Autumn 2017 - Page 2
Living Magazine – Autumn 2017 – Page 2
Living Magazine - Autumn 2017 - Page 3
Living Magazine – Autumn 2017 – Page 3

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