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Workshop: Hands On With Adobe Photoshop

Cat Burton Fine Art - The Messenger

Date: Saturday 30th June 2018

Location: The Maker Space, AK Bell Library, Perth

Tickets: £32.93 (maximum of 6 spaces) –


Hands On With Adobe Photoshop

This hands-on workshop at the Maker Space will provide you with the skills to edit your photographs in Adobe Photoshop led by myself in association with Perthshire Creates.

During the first 2 hours of the session, you will work through the essential tools and techniques in Photoshop. I will provide photographs so that you can follow along with her examples on your own computer. There will be plenty of time for Q&A and 1-1 feedback during this first section. The 3rd hour of the session will be spent working on photographs of your choice with dedicated feedback and assistance from me. Please feel free to bring your own images for this section on a laptop or USB key (if using a Maker _Space computer). If you’re unable to bring your own images, I will be providing some example photographs for you to work on.

There are 3 computers fitted with Adobe Photoshop in the Maker_Space, therefore in addition, we will set up 3 laptops with the Adobe Photoshop 7 day free trial in order for each participant to be ‘hands on’, and may need to contact you for details in order to have this organised ahead of the workshop. Alternatively you may wish to upload the 7 day free trial onto your own laptop before coming to the workshop. Please indicate your preference by selecting one of the following ticket options: Ticket using Maker_Space computer (3 max) Ticket using CPK/or own laptop with Photoshop 7-day free trial installed (3 max)

If choosing to install Photoshop 7-day free trial on your own laptop you can use this link

There’s a maximum of 6 spaces for this workshop, please note that the workshop will only go ahead if 6 spaces are filled.

To book your place, please visit:

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