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Summer Ewe

Summer Ewe ~ Cat Burton
Summer Ewe ~ Cat Burton

I’m going to start sharing more photographs from my adventures around Scotland with you all. My absolute favourite thing to do is vanish into the wilderness with my camera. It could be somewhere super remote, or even just local patches of woodland.

I see so many beautiful things in a variety of settings and it seems a shame to keep them to myself and only share the occasional Fine Art images which I produce from time to time.

It’ll likely be a bit of everything that I find interesting – usually nature themed – from animals I encounter, to macro details of pretty things, to landscapes and no doubt a fair few lone trees. Of course, I’ll still be producing Fine Art work when inspiration strikes and sharing those, but this way you can follow along with my adventures around this beautiful country. 🙂

I’m happy to share whatever information you like about these images so feel free to ask any questions or let me know what you’d find interesting (from camera/hiking gear, locations/parking tips, editing etc)…Feel free to comment below if there’s something in particular you’d find interest and I’ll be sure to add that info going forward :)

These will be minimal edits, primarily in Lightroom. I’m going back to my roots with these images and keeping it simple 😊

So first up has to be this lovely lady I met at the end of last week while doing a 14km hike around the woodland and hills near Dunkeld.

There’s a free Forestry Commission carpark at Cally Loch, just outside the town and it’s a great starting point for various trails in the area.

About 6km or so into the hike the trail goes through farmland with a LOT of sheep. I waited for them to disperse down the hill before entering and slowly followed the track to try to not spook them. This lady was being stealthy in the ferns and i didn’t spot her until I was pretty close. I stopped, crouched down and took a couple of shots, all while giving her plenty of space. I waited for her to move on before proceeding as there are still some younger sheep about and they’re easily spooked. Something to bear in mind if you go for a wander in the area (keep those pups on leads 🐶).

Photographed with the Sony A7ii using the 100-400mm (at 400mm). Handheld, because it’s very rare I carry a tripod about these days unless I have to!

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