Nature and fine art photography by Cat Burton.

Today’s image is of the well-known Kinnoull Hill tower here in Perth.
While my favourite places to be with my camera are out in the wilderness, I make sure to try and have my camera with me if I pop into town because you never know what you’ll see, or what light you’ll get. Usually I have the 100-400mm attached. It’s become my go-to lens, but that does mean the camera can be a bit bulky and heavy to be carrying around everywhere.
My main passion is to photograph nature: landscapes, animals, trees…architecture isn’t a huge focus for me, but I do love a nice ruin or a remote cabin or cottage.
I’ve photographed this tower a few times since moving here, but this view was new to me. And rather than being taken during a hike, it was shot from the exotic location of…a car park on an industrial/business estate near the river Tay, 5 minutes before a business meeting!
Fun fact – even though this is clearly THE well known tower of Perth, there are actually two in the area which were built (or commissioned by) the same person. Created as follies, the second tower (Binn Hill) is also ruined and can be found within the nearby woods. Apparently they were originally used as observatories.
This isn’t the absolute sharpest shot, given it was hand-held on a pretty blowy day when I was in a rush for a meeting. However I liked the capture and mood of the scene and am making a concerted effort to let go of perfectionism. It can be pretty stifling as a creative person, and it’s much more fun to go with the flow and edit images that I like, even if they’re not technically perfect.
Since this shot was taken in July I’ve been keeping a tripod in the boot of my car so it’s to hand if ever a situation like this comes up again 🙂

Published by Cat Burton

Cat Burton is a photographer inspired by the wild nature of Scotland. Passionate about animals, conservation and the environment, she's happiest when exploring the wilderness with her camera. From her studio in Perthshire, Scotland, she shares a daily photograph of adventures around the Scottish countryside. From landscapes and wildlife, to farm animals and lone trees. You can follow her adventures around Scotland here. From time to time she creates fine art photography which has been exhibited across the UK and is available as fine art prints here.

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