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A Fox In Autumn

Nature and fine art photography by Cat Burton.

Nature and fine art photography by Cat Burton.

I love photographing animals. I generally photograph a mix of wildlife, pets/farm animals and those at refuges and wildlife centres.

This lovely little fox is at the Scottish Deer Centre in Fife.

I have a kinda ruleset for where I’ll visit to see animals: if the organisation does good work, I’ll support them – usually by buying an annual membership to support the charity. My current memberships are for the Scottish Deer Centre and the Scottish Wildlife Trust.

If a place is mean, or treat animals poorly, I don’t go there. Pretty simple!

The Scottish Deer Centre is lovely – I’ve visited many times and often ended up chatting to the keepers there.

One of my favourite chats was with one of the lead keepers there who explained to me how they work to help local animals. They apparently get calls from people locally when they find injured or abandoned animals. This fox has a lovely big enclosure with another female and they have plenty of hiding spaces in the back corners far away from prying eyes. I’m not sure of her back story other than that she’s really young and is settling in well. She seems really happy there.

The foxes at the centre can be pretty hard to see there, but I like that. It means they’ve got their hiding spaces and can relax away from the visitors.


Do you have any favourite wildlife charities, sanctuaries or conservation groups you like to support? Let me know in the comments!

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