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Dunnottar Castle In December

Cat Burton -

Cat Burton -

Dunnottar Castle on a chilly December day.
Since it’s Open Studios this week, I can’t go out taking new photos, which means I’m digging through the murky depths of my Lightroom catalog for old favourites to re-edit and share with you! Amidst the dust and cobwebs there are a few gems!
I took this shot of Dunnottar Castle three years ago on a photo adventure with my friend Stu. This was shot pre-Sony-switch in 2015, with my old beloved 50mm f1.4. I still miss that lens!
I am due to visit this way again on Friday for the Aberdeen Art Fair. I might well pack my camera gear just incase I magic up enough energy to do a little shoot before/after the event each day!
P.S Perthshire Open Studios continues today and you’re welcome to visit my home studio up until 7pm. 👍 See for details!

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