There is a patch of woodland near our house – a lovely little escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. It’s a popular spot for dog walkers and is somewhere I go when I need a break but don’t fancy driving out of the village.

Autumn seems to be arriving early this year and so I decided to go and see what fungi I could find. The collection this year is different to those I recall from last year. Perhaps I’ve visited earlier this time – maybe the rest are still waiting to peek up from underneath the leaves.

Here are the late-September fungi of Scone woods (and some bonus woodland shots because it was a beautiful day)! I’ll be adding names/identifications as I figure them out. If you’re able to help with this, please leave ID suggestions in the comments!

[fungi 1: Possibly Charcoal Burner – Russula cyanoxantha?]
[fungi 1:Possibly Charcoal Burner – Russula cyanoxantha?][Fungi 2: Possibly Charcoal Burner – Russula cyanoxantha?]

It would be rude to not photograph a pinecone in the moss!
Scone woods looking beautiful – a sea of ferns with fungi and moss nestled underneath.

[Fungi 3: Possibly Wood Blewit, Lepista nuda?] – A lovely trio of fungi
[Fungi 4: Awaiting ID] – I love the colour of this one!
[Fungi 4: Awaiting ID][Fungi 5: Possibly Hedgehog Mushroom, Hydnum Repandum?]
[Fungi 6, same as Fungi 4 I believe]. Nestled between heather and fallen pine needles.Fungi 7 – Yellow Stagshorn – Calocera viscosa. Thanks to folks on Twitter for helping ID this one!

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Cat Burton is a photographer inspired by the wild nature of Scotland. Passionate about animals, conservation and the environment, she's happiest when exploring the wilderness with her camera. From her studio in Perthshire, Scotland, she shares a daily photograph of adventures around the Scottish countryside. From landscapes and wildlife, to farm animals and lone trees. You can follow her adventures around Scotland here. From time to time she creates fine art photography which has been exhibited across the UK and is available as fine art prints here.

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