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Early Autumn in Scone Woods

There is a patch of woodland near our house – a lovely little escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. It’s a popular spot for dog walkers and is somewhere I go when I need a break but don’t fancy driving out of the village.

Autumn seems to be arriving early this year and so I decided to go and see what fungi I could find. The collection this year is different to those I recall from last year. Perhaps I’ve visited earlier this time – maybe the rest are still waiting to peek up from underneath the leaves.

Here are the late-September fungi of Scone woods (and some bonus woodland shots because it was a beautiful day)! I’ll be adding names/identifications as I figure them out. If you’re able to help with this, please leave ID suggestions in the comments!

[fungi 1: Possibly Charcoal Burner – Russula cyanoxantha?]
[fungi 1:Possibly Charcoal Burner – Russula cyanoxantha?][Fungi 2: Possibly Charcoal Burner – Russula cyanoxantha?]

It would be rude to not photograph a pinecone in the moss!
Scone woods looking beautiful – a sea of ferns with fungi and moss nestled underneath.

[Fungi 3: Possibly Wood Blewit, Lepista nuda?] – A lovely trio of fungi
[Fungi 4: Awaiting ID] – I love the colour of this one!
[Fungi 4: Awaiting ID][Fungi 5: Possibly Hedgehog Mushroom, Hydnum Repandum?]
[Fungi 6, same as Fungi 4 I believe]. Nestled between heather and fallen pine needles.Fungi 7 – Yellow Stagshorn – Calocera viscosa. Thanks to folks on Twitter for helping ID this one!

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