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The Hermitage Woodland Walk, Dunkeld

About The Hermitage

The path at The Hermitage (near Dunkeld) leads you through stunning Perthshire woodland alongside the River Braan. After a short walk you approach the very pretty Ossian’s Hall. You can enter the hall and overlook the amazing Black Linn Falls of the River Braan, or you can continue along the path and explore more of this lush woodland. If you’re lucky, you might see salmon leaping up the waterfall or red squirrels in the trees.

Visitor Information

Opening Hours: 24 / 7

Parking: The site and parking is managed by the National Trust For Scotland. Parking for a day is £2 at the time of writing. The ticket machine is cash only. Post code: PH8 0JR. Co-ordinates: 56°33’41.9″N 3°36’25.0″W

Nearest Toilets: None on site, closest would be in Dunkeld

Accessibility: The woodland path to the waterfall isn’t too long and is reasonably smooth (see image above) so is usually OK for push chairs, wheelchairs etc.

Facts & Folklore

  • The Douglas firs at The Hermitage are some of the tallest trees in Britain!
  • The Dukes of Atholl established this area as a place of pleasure and relaxation in the 18th century, with Ossian’s Hall being built in 1757.
  • The powerful, thundering Black Linn Falls can be viewed from Ossian’s Hall, the bridge, and the woodland paths, giving a variety of stunning views and opportunities to see leaping salmon.

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