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Highlights From The Photography Show 2019

Cat Burton - Nature and Fine Art Photography

Each year, I visit The Photography Show in Birmingham. The event, which attracts around 35,000 visitors over 4 days, is my annual opportunity to catch up with photographer friends, try out equipment and meet new people.

This year was my favourite yet for a number of reasons. Here are my highlights:


This year I was delighted to work with ChromaLuxe for their display at The Photography Show. They exhibited a number of my works on Aluminium as well as a variety of smaller products.

I use ChromaLuxe aluminium for some of my recent limited editions (alongside editions on fine art papers) so I was already a fan of their products.

The two big prints on display were Guardian Of The Forest and The Flocking Tree – each drawing crowds and catching attention of the passers by.

Cat Burton At ChromaLuxe At The Photography Show 2019
Cat Burton & ChromaLuxe at The Photography Show 2019.
Photograph by Ian Potter of LightPress Media & Design

Here are some examples of the products they produced using my artworks:


GamerGram were a surprise favourite of mine at the show. I’d not heard of them before and was intrigued as to what they were about. I got chatting to Alex who was representing them and he told me more about what they do. GamerGram are a community of Virtual Photographers who take photographs in videogames. Their work is stunning. I’ve long been a fan of trying to capture beautiful screenshots within my favourite games (such as Skyrim and Elder Scrolls Online), but never realised there was a community around this creative hobby.

The community are so friendly and their work is brilliant. Check them out on Instagram at:

GamerGram And Cat Burton At The Photography Show 2019
GamerGram And Cat Burton At The Photography Show 2019

Sony a9 + 400mm 2.8

It was pretty obvious this combination was going to end up as one of my highlights of the show even before I had chance to get my paws on it.

All I can say is: wow.

I am incredibly smitten and hoping to add the a9 to my collection as soon as possible. For anyone who’s wondered if Sony are up to the task of wildlife/sports photography, the a9 is your answer.

Recipe for a happy photographer: let her play with her dream kit <3
Photo by my pal Ian Potter @ LightPress Media & Design

Vallerret Gloves

As someone who adores winter, especially Scottish winter, and likes to haul masses of kit into the wilderness for days photographing picturesque landscapes…gloves matter.

I’ve got through countless pairs of gloves. From lightweight liners with a top ski glove layer, to traditional gloves…none of which seem to do the trick.

My requirements for gloves are quite specific (as I’m sure a lot of winter fans will agree). I need: waterproof / windproof; good grip for scrambling over things and holding my camera; and most importantly: the ability to actually function my gear without taking the gloves off.

This is where Vallerret gloves come in. I saw them at the show last year and didn’t think to try them on. Gloves are gloves and mine are fine…or so I thought. Cue the false economy of repeatedly replacing gloves that aren’t quite right.

So when I saw them at the show this year, I decided to take a proper look. I tried on a pair of their Ipsoot gloves and instantly fell in love. They’re thin but warm, have great grip, have zip pockets (including a built in tool for tripods!), and: detachable finger/thumb tips that can be held back with magnets. No more taking my gloves off when photographing animals in the snow!

Who knew a pair of gloves could make someone so happy?!


Of course, no event would be the same without friends. The Photography show is my annual event to catch up with and meet lovely people. Most of these I don’t get chance to see outside of the event due to our insanely busy schedules. Cheers to my fantastic friends for making it a brilliant year.

See You Next Year?

I’ll be returning to The Photography Show in 2020. If you’d like to meet up with me at the show, feel free to get in touch via my contact page.

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