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The Death Of Trees

“They were trying to run, trying to hide. But the rock would not hide them; the dead tree gave no shelter.”

Stephen King. “Carrie”
The Death Of Trees - Cat Burton
The Death Of Trees. Copyright Cat Burton.

I was driving along a single-lane winding road through the Scottish countryside when a large dead tree appeared on the horizon. Its branches twisting and turning like the snake-hair of Medusa.

As I got closer to the tree, I knew I had to stop and capture it. Quickly stopping the car, grabbed the camera and took a shot from the relative comfort of the boot of the car.

Sometimes a shot requires a long hike, research and thorough location scouting. Others simply are the result of happy accidents.

A dead tree is a thing of melancholic beauty. Their limbs laid bare for all to see, never again to be covered by the green foliage of summer.

A darker theme of death calls for looming clouds, flocks of black screeching birds and a moody gothic edit. The birds were added in post-production from another image in order to add to the dark drama of the scene.

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