Fine Art Collection (2016-2019) - Cat Burton Photography

Fine Art Collection

Fine-art images inspired by nature, history and folklore.

Only a very small number of signed limited edition prints available.

Please contact me for availability & pricing.

The Sleepwalking Series (2016-2017)

  • Sleepwalking 1

    Sleepwalking 1

  • Sleepwalking 2

    Sleepwalking 2

  • Sleepwalking 3

    Sleepwalking 3


  • A Winter's Flight

    A Winter's Flight

  • The Flocking Tree

    The Flocking Tree

  • Lost In The Fog

    Lost In The Fog

  • Rust


  • The Tree In The Lake

    The Tree In The Lake

  • The Tower Of Kinnoull Hill

    The Tower Of Kinnoull Hill

  • The Messenger

    The Messenger

  • My Imaginary Friend

    My Imaginary Friend

  • Guardian Of The Forest

    Guardian Of The Forest

  • Lullaby


  • The Prince

    The Prince

  • First Snowfall

    First Snowfall

  • Reach


  • Kingdom Of Winter

    Kingdom Of Winter

  • A Moment Of Calm

    A Moment Of Calm

  • Island Of The Gulls

    Island Of The Gulls

  • The Towering Six

    The Towering Six

  • Rannoch Tranquility

    Rannoch Tranquility

  • The Gathering

    The Gathering

  • Forest Of Whispers

    Forest Of Whispers

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