Queen Mab - Cat Burton Photography
Queen Mab

Queen Mab is a fascinating character whose stories have changed over time.

In some cases, she’s a powerful woman who presides over the annual gatherings of the ancient Scottish tribes of Glenlyon, Rannoch, and Strathtummel.

These gatherings were said to take place at Schiehallion.

In other stories, such as Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, she’s known as the midwife of fairies.

She’s also said to have officiated the Fairy Court.

A beautiful and successful queen, I chose to show the version of her where she’s dressed in a fine green gown with golden hair in ringlets over her shoulders.

She is shown here at one of my favourite spots near Schiehallion - a waterfall next to the road through Strath Fionan.

This waterfall feels very magical - the perfect place for a fairy queen to rest and drink cool clear water.

I opted for a dark edit to portray her as a hopeful and radiant character in a time that would have otherwise been quite stark and brutal.

It would not have been easy living in the shadow of Schiehallion without the luxuries of the modern-day.

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