The Blue Witch

The blue witch is known as Cailleach Bheur in Scottish folklore.

She is said to have appeared at Halloween to usher in the winter, and Schiehallion was a favourite haunt of hers.

Here you see her on the path to the summit of Schiehallion.

She is described as having white hair, cold skin and usually wore a grey plaid shawl over her shoulders.

According to legends, she would sneak up on unwary people and freeze them to death.

In bringing her legend to life, I chose to dress her in blue to emphasise the colours associated with her legend.

Her skin is sometimes said to be blue as well, but I purposefully kept it a more natural colour as I like to think of her as a misunderstood lady who lived on the hill.

Perhaps she was simply someone who was wrongly blamed for the cold weather or cases of frostbite. A scapegoat for the unexplained, much like how many other women were blamed for such things during the witch trials.

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