The Loch Con Freebooter

A freebooter (robber) is said to have made an underground house for his wife at Loch Con in Perthshire.

He wanted to marry another woman and in order to do so wasn't allowed to have another wife living on the Earth.

To get around this rule, he made her a home beneath the surface.

He was thus able to truthfully claim he had no wife living above ground and was free to re-marry.

Upon his death, his body was carried away by twelve ravens which are a sign of a spirit being claimed by the devil.

Another tale of ravens is that of Michael Scott, a mighty magician.

As he lay dying, he told his companions to place his body on a hill.

He foretold that three ravens and three doves would fly towards his body. If the ravens won the race, his body was to be burned. If doves, he would receive a full Christian burial.

Upon his death, ravens were ahead of the race but overshot their mark and thus the doves won, awarding him a proper burial.

Supposedly the devil who had long been preparing for Michael was very disappointed.

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