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Here you'll find a list of tools and resources that I use frequently. Everything from weather forecasting and route planning to photo editing and gear.

Know of something great that I've missed? Let me know using the contact link at the top of the page!

Weather Forecasts is my go-to reference for all things weather!

Route Planning

Walking / Hiking Resources:

Heritage Paths - An amazing resource for historic roads and routes in Scotland.

ViewRanger - How I record my routes (and use my GPX data to geotag my photos from hikes). An annual subscription will give you access to full Ordnance Survey maps which you can store on your phone for offline use. It also has a wonderful feature called Buddy Beacon which I use so my family know I'm safe when I'm on long adventures into the Scottish countryside!

Walk Highlands - The usual starting point for finding Scottish walking and hiking guides.

Cycling Resources:

Sustrans National Cycle Network - Great for finding official cycling routes across the UK.


Having a Computer Science degree means I used to take pride in making my own website. These days, however, I don't have time for that, and frankly SmugMug does a MUCH better job of it! I love SmugMug, and having tried a lot of different photography hosting options, I genuinely think they are the best!

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