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Photography Workshops

Understanding Your Camera

Group Size: 1-to-1 

Duration:  2 hours

Location: Perth (Choose from: Kinnoull Hill, Quarrymill woodland walk, Perth riverside or city centre)

Price: £125

Do you have a camera or lenses you’re not quite sure how to use?

Do you use your camera on auto and lack the confidence to try the manual settings?

I can help you understand your camera and help you take better photographs with the equipment you already own.

This workshop is 1-to-1. This means we will go at your own pace and you don't need to worry about keeping up with others or being intimidated by other people's fancy camera gear.

Build Your Own Photography Workshop

Group Size: 1-to-1. Additional people welcome for £50 per person per half day.

Prices: Half Day (3hr): £200.   Full Day (6hr): £400

Location: Anywhere in Perthshire

Build a completely bespoke workshop based on your favourite Perthshire locations and subjects. 

This session will be fully tailored to your interests to ensure a fun and informative day.

Feel free to browse my galleries or contact me for inspiration on where we could visit.


“Just completed a comprehensive professional very productive photography training session with Cat. I can highly recommend her services. Cat is extremely knowledgeable and is able to impart information in a creative, clear, logical manner. Thank you I shall be back for further training soon.” - David, Perthshire.

“I used to be a ‘happy snapper’ – sometimes they worked and sometimes they didn’t, but it didn’t matter. However, I now need quality photographs of my paintings and I realised that actually I am rubbish at taking professional-looking photographs. Happily for me, I met Cat and booked a one to one half-day workshop. I’ve attended group photography workshops in the past and always came away confused and despondent, but Cat’s one to one was excellent. I learned what I needed to know and felt confident that I could take photographs that I could use. Cat is knowledgable and patient (very patient). I would thoroughly recommend her. Well worth the money.” - Karenina, Perthshire

“What does my wife buy me for Christmas? I don’t need any more shirts, ties, pullovers and I buy my own books and music. A brainwave by Mrs. Robertson … a one-on-one photography workshop with Cat. A few emails back and forward between Cat and me … what am I interested in, what camera equipment do I have, shall we focus on landscapes or cityscapes. What do I want to get from the session? On some reflection, I decided my target was to get off the automatic setting on my Canon Mark 5 (III). The reality is I had become lazy and was now relying 100% on the auto function. Cat and I met at Jubilee Park and set off to Kinnoull Hill. Cat was incredibly patient and reintroduced me to ISO, F settings and speeds on the manual setting. There was the right balance between showing me what the settings should be and letting me make my own mistakes. Cat was always close by when I shouted for “help”. We spent time on landscapes, close-up shots and attempting to photograph some very friendly ponies. The three-hour session flew past and left me with the confidence to get away from the automatic setting. I also found Cat to be great company and our discussions touched many areas. A great session which I would highly recommend, in fact, I plan to arrange another session in the New Year.” - Frank, Perthshire

“As a fellow photographer it was great to work with Cat so we could shoot each other’s headshots – any excuse to wander around the woods and be amazed at the beautiful light! I’m so happy with mine, sums me up nicely. She has a wealth of knowledge on all things photography and will be a great mentor to have on her one-to-one and group photographic courses. A very creative, knowledgeable and lovely photographer.” - Kelly, Perthshire

Terms & Conditions


1.1 All workshops and gift vouchers are valid for 3 months from the date of purchase.


2.1 It is up to the client to book the session at their convenience. Please contact me using the contact link at the top of the page.

2.2 Please contact me to discuss your preferred date and photographic subjects. We will schedule your session for a mutually convenient first-choice date and will also schedule a back-up date in case of extremely bad weather.


3.1 If either party needs to reschedule due to unforeseen circumstances, they may do so as long as 24 hours notice is provided.


4.1 Refunds for unused or unwanted workshops are available for 14 days after purchase as long as the workshop has not yet taken place.

4.2 Refunds are not available for expired workshops or failure to book within the allowed 3-month workshop validity window.


5.1 If you would like a gift voucher to present to someone for a special occasion, please do let me know and I will happily send one to you.

Terms and Conditions Last Updated: Thursday 13th February 2020.

If you purchased a workshop prior to 13th February 2020, please note that your original terms are unaffected by these updates.

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