About Cat Burton

I am a fine art photographer inspired by fantasy, fairytales and folklore. I love to explore remote Scottish locations and capture them in a unique way with my camera.

Known for my atmospheric style, my work is enchanting, otherworldly and often dark.

It’s like stepping into a dark fantasy version of our world. An eerie fairytale full of magic and mystery.

Exhibition Highlights

  • Stories Of Schiehallion (Solo, 2019) – Alan Reece Gallery, John Muir Trust, Pitlochry UK
  • The Art Of Photography (Group, 2018) – Frames Gallery, Perth UK
  • Open Exhibition Of Art (Group, 2017) – The Royal Scottish Academy, Edinburgh UK
  • Annual Open Exhibition (Group, 2017) – The Royal Institute Of The Fine Arts , Glasgow UK
  • The Magic Of Scotland (Solo, 2017) – Image Collective Gallery, Edinburgh, UK
  • Perthshire Artists Exhibition (Group 2017) – Pitlochry Festival Theatre, Pitlochry UK
  • Perthshire Open Studios Artists (Group, 2017) – The Bield at Blackruthven, Perth UK
  • Perthshire Photographic Society 150th Anniversary Exhibition (Group, 2017) – Perth Civic Hall, Perth UK

For full details on upcoming events & exhibitions, as well as prior events, please see the Events and Exhibitions page.


My work is inspired by a love for all things magical, mysterious and fantasy. An avid player of fantasy video games, I love that feeling of being transported to somewhere like home but different. A parallel world. A place where anything is possible.

I grew up in rural Lincolnshire where my school years focused on maths and sciences. While photography had always been a hobby, I was actually terrible at art back then and it wasn’t something I thought of as a possible job. As a gothy teenager who liked computers and was ok at maths & physics, I ended up going to uni to study a degree in Computer Science.

After uni, I somehow ended up working in the investment banking sector in London. Yep, that was a weird tangent. I even wore a suit to work! It didn’t last long though and I soon ended up moving to the games industry. That was much more fun!

During my time in games I had a key role working on Moshi Monsters, and worked with amazing companies such as Unity Technologies, Disney, Mediatonic and countless games studios worldwide. I even got chance to speak at conferences in the UK, Denmark, Jordan and Israel!

In 2012, I founded my first company as a freelance game developer and in 2014 decided to leave London for a life of adventure. I donated most of my belongings to charity and spent a while as a digital nomad visiting New Zealand, Australia and Thailand with my laptop and camera.

It was during this time that I rediscovered my passion for photography. I found I was spending increasing amounts of time taking photos rather than doing programming.

In 2017, having spent many years making and playing video games, I decided to channel my passion for fantasy worlds into a new career as a fine art photographer. 

Fun fact: One of the last games I ever worked on was a real labour of love and hasn’t actually been released yet! It’s called The Bradwell Conspiracy and it is shaping up to be AWESOME. You can check it out on Steam now. And if you play it once it’s out, please do get in touch to let me know what you think!

Now based in Perth, Scotland, I spend my time exploring beautiful Scottish locations, researching bizarre folklore and imagining what it would be like to live in a timeless fantasy world.

When not editing, exhibiting or exploring with my camera I can usually be found at home with my fiance Mark and my cat Louis (named after Louis from Interview With A Vampire). I also spend a LOT of time sneaking around with a bow and arrow in The Elder Scrolls Online.

Fellow gamers, feel free to contact me if you play on the EU server of ESO! :)

Photography Gear

I use Sony camera equipment and produce my own prints using an Epson printer. If you’d like to know the full details of what photography equipment, gadgets and gizmos I use, click here! 


All images are Copyright Cat Burton and should not be used without explicit permission.

Environmental Promise

I care deeply about the environment and take great care to use responsibly sourced products. I am also trying to limit my driving to shorter journeys until I can afford a beautiful hybrid/electric 4×4 with a range that is actually viable in the remote parts of Scotland!

There is detailed information on paper and packaging choices as well as information about recycling packaging on the Environmental Promise page.

Interviews and Press

I am more than happy to speak to the press about my work.

To schedule an interview or for more information please get in touch using the contact form.