Finding and Fixing Dust Spots in Adobe Lightroom

Dust spots occur in many images. Some of them are easy to see and fix, but others seem to elude me. I'm getting better at noticing them but I still need some help and that's where Adobe Lightroom 5 comes to the rescue. In Develop mode, select the spot healing tool and you'll see below your [...]

Living Out Of a 60L Bag – 1 month update

It's been a month or so since we started backpacking and it has been quite the adventure so far! We spent 1.5 weeks in San Francisco first and arrived in New Zealand at the start of December. Since then, we've been travelling around the country on public transport, carrying all our belongings on our back. [...]

Bodie Images Featured On The Daily Mail

On Thanksgiving Thursday (27th Nov 2014) I had my first set of images published by the press, and not just any press, but the biggest selling newspaper in the UK! My images from Bodie (the ghost town in California) were published on their travel website along with a story and some details about my trip [...]

Packing a Backpack: Lessons After the First Two Weeks

Everyone’s idea of backpacking is different. Some people travel super light with only a 20 litre pack to live out of. Others do the glam packing and take as many outfits/luxuries as possible with them. Then there are people like me, who intend to travel the world for as long as possible making money from [...]