Switching From Canon To Sony – Part 2

Initial Impressions Of The A7ii Handheld With The Sony 70-200 f4 Today was my first full day testing the Sony A7ii. I decided to spend the day getting used to the settings and overcoming initial issues while testing the 70-200mm lens. As mentioned in Part 1 of this series yesterday, this lens is the most [...]

Speaking in San Francisco: Tales Of A Digital Nomad

Last week while on holiday in San Francisco I was invited to Idibon to give an inspirational talk on my life as a digital nomad. Idibon are a super cool startup specialising in NLP (natural language processing). This was one of my favourite topics when studying Computer Science at university, so I leapt at the chance [...]

Speaking at Unite in Amsterdam

This week I'll be attending and speaking at the Unite conference in Amsterdam. The conference covers all aspects of making great games and apps using Unity. I've put together a panel session with three other freelancers on Thursday at 3pm. It will be a Q&A format where we will be discussing all aspects of freelance [...]

Finding and Fixing Dust Spots in Adobe Lightroom

Dust spots occur in many images. Some of them are easy to see and fix, but others seem to elude me. I'm getting better at noticing them but I still need some help and that's where Adobe Lightroom 5 comes to the rescue. In Develop mode, select the spot healing tool and you'll see below your [...]