Cookie Policy

Cookie Rules & Regulations

New regulations which came into effect in 2018 require us to provide details on which cookies are used on this website, and to advise you on how they are used. Cookies are only stored with your consent, which is given only if you click the confirmation button in the cookie popup you’ll see at the bottom of the website.

This pop-up only appears if you’ve not previously enabled cookies. If you wish to revoke permission for using cookies, you can do so by clearing your browser cache. When you see the pop-up appear at the bottom of the website, you’ll know there’s no cookie stored for this website on your computer.

What Are Cookies?

Cookies are small text files which are used by websites. They store information required by the website to enable us to provide you with a smooth user experience. Some data in cookies is required to enable the website to function properly. We only use cookies and store information if it is completely essential. We do not store any additional data or information if it is not required for the website to run.

Cookies We Use

1 – Essential cookies to enable this website to run. These are needed for the store and website itself to function correctly.

2 – Analytics/Performance Cookies. These help us understand which pages people visit, what content you like best, and helps us identify areas to improve. All data is collected anonymously.

3 – Third Party Cookies. Where we use third party content for the website, these may store a cookie for their website on your computer. For example: YouTube videos, affiliate links to third party websites and sharing buttons on pages. Other examples would be social media platforms where, for example, the Facebook Page widget is displayed. For further information on third party cookies, please refer to the cookie policies for those specific website (you should be able to find them on their pages just like you found this one).

Data Control & Privacy Policy

By submitting any forms, such as: the contact form, the newsletter sign-up form and purchasing items, you are consenting to us holding this information about you in our databases. This information is solely for our use and will never be sold, shared or traded, except if required to do so by law. Please see our Privacy Policy for more information. If you wish to know what data we have stored, you can contact us any time to request this information or to request its deletion.