Fine Art Collection

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2019 Collection

A Moment Of Calm - Cat Burton
A Moment Of Calm // It was a mild winter’s morning in Perthshire. Down in the glen, fog and mist clung to the landscape, like a white serpent winding its way between…
Rannoch Tranquility - Cat Burton
Rannoch Tranquility // It’s early morning at Loch Rannoch and a light fog hangs over the water. A gentle breeze causes the surface to ripple…
Island Of The Gulls - Cat Burton
Island Of The Gulls // On a tiny island in Loch Rannoch sits a small ruined tower.
The island, named Island Of The Gulls (Eilean Nam Faoileag)…
The Pheasant And The Fog - Cat Burton
The Pheasant And The Fog // It was a beautiful still morning and fog gathered over the landscape like the remains of a giant pillow fight…
The Towering Six - Cat Burton
The Towering Six // On a hazy morning, the trees on the far side of Loch Rannoch merge into a patch of woodland. With the exception of the towering six…

2018 Collection

First Snowfall
First Snowfall
The Prince
Kingdom Of Winter

2017 Collection

The Messenger
The Messenger
Cat Burton - A Winter's Flight
A Winter’s Flight
Cat Burton - The Tree In The Lake
The Tree In The Lake
Cat Burton - Lost In The Fog
Lost In The Fog
The Tower Of Kinnoull Hill - Cat Burton Photography
The Tower Of Kinnoull Hill
Cat Burton - The Flocking Tree
The Flocking Tree
Guardian Of The Forest
Guardian Of The Forest
Cat Burton - My Imaginary Friend
My Imaginary Friend
Cat Burton - Rust

Sleepwalking Series (2016-2017)

Cat Burton - Sleepwalking 1
Sleepwalking 1
Cat Burton - Sleepwalking 2
Sleepwalking 2
Cat Burton - Sleepwalking 3
Sleepwalking 3