The Pheasant And The Fog

The Pheasant And The Fog – Copyright Cat Burton.

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It was a beautiful still morning and fog gathered over the landscape like the remains of a giant pillow fight.

The fog would come and go in patches as I drove along rural Perthshire roads. Sometimes it would be clear for hundreds of metres before arriving in an area with minimal visibility.

In one of the thickest patches of fog, a pheasant emerged in a field.

It stood still, appearing very relaxed. Perhaps it knew it would be safe from the prying eyes of predators that morning.

As the fog came and went, the landscape took on a blue-green shade, with the colour of the pheasant standing out beautifully. It’s red feathered chest and white collar providing a focal point in an otherwise empty scene.

Photographic artwork comprised of one original image. Text and Image Copyright Cat Burton. All rights reserved.

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