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All artworks seen below are available as limited edition signed A2 prints and open edition A4 prints via theĀ web store.

Cat Burton - A Winter's Flight
A Winter’s Flight
Cat Burton - The Tree In The Lake
The Tree In The Lake
Cat Burton - The Tower Of Kinnoull Hill
The Tower Of Kinnoull Hill
Cat Burton - The Messenger
The Messenger
Cat Burton - The Flocking Tree
The Flocking Tree
Cat Burton - Rust
Cat Burton - My Imaginary Friend
My Imaginary Friend
Cat Burton - Lost In The Fog
Lost In The Fog
Cat Burton - Guardian Of The Forest
Guardian Of The Forest

The Sleepwalking Series

Cat Burton - Sleepwalking 1
Sleepwalking 1
Cat Burton - Sleepwalking 2
Sleepwalking 2
Cat Burton - Sleepwalking 3
Sleepwalking 3