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Limited edition set:

  • 20 x 30 Inch Metal Print – Editions: 3 (+ 1 Artist’s Proof)
  • A2 Fine Art Print – Editions: 5 (+ 1 Artist’s Proof)

Total editions: 10

A Moment Of Calm

It was a mild winter’s morning in Perthshire. Down in the glen, fog and mist clung to the landscape, like a white serpent winding its way between the trees and buildings.

Further up the hillside, the sun shone down through bright blue skies, feeling unseasonably warm. But here in the valley, it was cool, hazy and damp.

Walking alongside farmland, the fog would change from a light mist to a dense thick blanket; obscuring everything but the nearest objects.

Along with the fog came the sound of silence, only interrupted by the occasional crow call or distant car making its way along the country lanes.

Time stands still in the fog, providing a brief respite from modern life. With heightened senses, you become immersed in your immediate surroundings. There is no breeze and nothing to smell other than a faint scent of grass.

The air is fresh and clean. You breathe a relaxed sigh.

As you walk, you notice the sticky squelching mud underfoot – a result of yesterday’s rainfall.

Your eyes search for familiar shapes in the distance, occasionally spotting the vague outline of a tree.

In a field, you see a lone sheep – stood away from its flock. It seems relaxed and content as it gazes into the distance. You wonder if it’s admiring the foggy scene in the same way you are.

Two lives, two species, sharing a joint moment of calm before the fog inevitably lifts and you’re brought back to reality.

Photographic artwork comprised of one original image. Text and Image Copyright Cat Burton. All rights reserved.

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