Island Of The Gulls


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Limited edition set:

  • 20 x 30 Inch Metal Print – Editions: 3 (+ 1 Artist’s Proof)
  • A2 Fine Art Print – Editions: 5 (+ 1 Artist’s Proof)

Total editions: 10

Island Of The Gulls

On a tiny island in Loch Rannoch sits a small ruined tower.

The island, named Island Of The Gulls (Eilean Nam Faoileag), is very small these days, but used to be much bigger. Its landmass has decreased as the water of the loch has slowly risen over the years.

Looking out across the loch, the tower looks beautiful and picturesque, but its history is far from serene.

Buildings have existed on this little island as far back as the 12th century and have been used for clan fortresses during warfare and prisons.

Legend tells that when the water of the loch was lower, a sandbank lay submerged just below the surface. When the Robertsons of Struan were fleeing their enemies, they could run over to the island using the hidden sandbank; safe in the knowledge their attackers were unable to follow.

Photographic artwork comprised of one original image. Text and Image Copyright Cat Burton. All rights reserved.

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