Rannoch Tranquility


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Limited edition set:

  • 20 x 30 Inch Metal Print – Editions: 3 (+ 1 Artist’s Proof)
  • A2 Fine Art Print – Editions: 5 (+ 1 Artist’s Proof)

Total editions: 10

Rannoch Tranquility

It’s early morning at Loch Rannoch and a light fog hangs over the water. A gentle breeze causes the surface to ripple and flow in the tiniest of waves.

As each little wave nears the shore, it causes a delightful sound as it flows over the pebbles.

You stand at the edge of the loch, enjoying this quiet moment of peace. You have this moment to yourself – having seen no other people since you left the nearby village.

In the distance, you can just about see the far shore, the treeline silhouetted against the soft pastel tones of the foggy sky.

Closer to the viewpoint, a small outcrop of land spreads out into the loch, covered in native trees. Their branches bare of leaves as autumn has given way to winter’s cool embrace. They stand still, except for the occasional slow sway of their branches in the breeze.

Beneath the trees two sheep graze, unaware of your presence. Their soft white bodies creating long white reflections in the almost-still loch.

As you stand watching them, a light rain starts to fall and you realise it’s time to move on. You step back from the tranquil loch, taking one last look at the sheep before seeking shelter under your own patch of trees.

Photographic artwork comprised of one original image. Text and Image Copyright Cat Burton. www.catburton.co.uk. All rights reserved.

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