Cat Burton – Fine Art Photography

Cat Burton is a Perthshire based fine art photographer who creates ethereal and atmospheric artworks.

Her work is inspired by fantasy, fairytale and folklore, from real world myths and legends to alternate worlds such as video games, fiction and films.

Cat’s work can be seen at exhibitions and events across Scotland.

Cat also hosts bespoke 1-1 photography workshops in Scotland available throughout the year.

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Latest Artworks

Cat Burton - A Moment Of Calm (2019)
A Moment Of Calm (2019)
Cat Burton - Island Of The Gulls (2019)
Island Of The Gulls (2019)
Cat Burton - The Pheasant And The Fog - 2019 Limited Edition Print
The Pheasant And The Fog (2019)

Popular Artworks

The Messenger
Guardian Of The Forest
Sleepwalking 2 (from The Sleepwalking Series)

Click here to view Cat’s full portfolio.