Fantasy & Fairytales Brought To Life

I am a fine art photographer inspired by fantasy, fairytales and folklore. My work is atmospheric and ethereal, often compared to Game Of Thrones and Lord of The Rings. With a focus on castles, animals and dramatic scenery, I seek to reveal the magic of the land around us.

Fine Art Collection

“Her images are haunting and moody … she manages to bring Scottish landscapes to life – imbuing them with a sense of serenity and calm.”

Living Magazine

Latest News

“A dark-haired Laura Dern with the edge of a goth and the spirit of Alfred Hitchcock.”

Living Magazine

Event Calendar

First Monday of each month: Perth Photo Club 

Summer 2019

6th July  –  Sma’ Shot Day, Paisley Arts Centre.

25th – 28th July – Merchant City Festival, Glasgow.

4 August to 18 October – “Stories of Schiehallion” Solo Exhibition in Pitlochry .

10th & 11th August  –  TeaGreen arts & crafts fair,  Bowhouse, Fife

30th Aug. – 1st Sept – Aberdeen Art Fair

31 August to 15 September: Artist In Residence, Perthshire Open Studios Exhibition, Perth

Autumn 2019

21-24 November – Country Living Christmas Fair, Glasgow SEC

“Her images have hints of Game Of Thrones and Lord Of The Rings – a genre of another age and time.”

Living Magazine


“She blends images – taking different shots at different times, then marrying them together to create her own bewitching, unique art.”

Living Magazine

Guardian Of The Forest – Copyright Cat Burton.